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FIRST created an event called the Collegiate Aerial Robotics Demonstration (CARD) in 2011. It is an attempt to continue the FIRST competition after high school. 2011's pilot competiton was very successful. In order to increase the complexity of the competition over the FIRST robotics competition, colleges that were involved competed in two games: one required flying robots called "quadrocopters", and the second was a ground vehicle game.

The air vehicle competition was a large game of tic-tac-toe. Teams made rows by landing at their base, then landing on a column that represented one of the tic-tac-toe squares. At the same time, ground robots were scoring points by shooting objects across a barrier into goals.

CARD and FIRST severed their relationship after ending the 2011 season. However, the schools and organizations involved in CARD are working toward setting up a separate competition to continue this program.

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