About Our Team


FRC Team 1718 was founded in 2006 with 15 students and 2 mentors. Since then, our small-town team has grown to be a huge success with 35 students and 19 mentors. The team has found many successes through the years from Chairman's, Engineering Inspiration, Entrepreneurship and Gracious Professionalism Awards to winning 2 Michigan State Chairman’s Awards and the 2016 Robot Competition among many other awards. The Fighting Pi has also helped many other teams get started in FIRST Robotics.

Team Structure

Build Supervisors

The objective of the Build Supervisor is to coordinate the work between the various Build sub-teams. They create timelines and objectives that are to be met throughout the production process of the robot. The Build Supervisor serves to ensure that both the students and mentors are on track in creating the robot envisioned by the team as a whole at the year's start.


At the beginning of the season the strategy team breaks down the game for the season and ensures that every member of the team understands the game and it's rules. A program is made to fit the scouting needs of the game for that year. At competitions the strategy team will scout every match and every team, to collect a pick list for alliance selections. During eliminations strategy will make data sheets and charts to give to the drive team to effectively know how to play to the best of our ability against the opposing alliance.


Controls are responsible for bringing the robot to life. Controls wires, tube pneumatics, and write code so that the robot can run as efficiently as possible.


Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the section of the team that designs the robot digitally. The CAD team takes the components that the team decides the robot must have and fits them within the size requirements of that year's game using a 3D replica of the robot.


The mechanical team works with the robot shell, motors, transmissions, and other pieces that are used to play the game. This portion focuses on machining/assembling parts and making sure that all of the moving parts on the robot run smoothly.

Business Supervisors

The Business Supervisors watches over the four business teams (Awards and Presentations, Outreach, Media, and Sponsors). Also make sure that the four sub-teams are completing the work they are assigned, and setting reasonable deadlines for them so the team can be as productive as possible.


The Outreach team brings the team to different places doing demonstrations or presentations, to spread the word of FIRST Robotics. Outreach also writes and sends out team newsletters.

Awards and presentations

Awards and Presentations are responsible for the business plan, award submissions, team handbook and presentations. This portion of the team is also responsible for creating the Chairman’s video.


Media is responsible for photography at all events and updating social media throughout the season. This section creates videos and graphicsfor our team. They also build and update our team websites.


Sponsorship helps to ensure the monetary sustainability of the team by forming relationships with local businesses and companies. Sponsorship also helps raise money and makes sure the team stays on budget.