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"The Fighting Pi Weekly" has been rolling off the press since 2007. Formerly called "The Pied Paper", our newsletters feature articles written by various students on the team, a calendar of upcoming events, special points of interest, a list of our current sponsors and their logos, and much more!

Rookie Packet
The Rookie Packet, written and produced by Team 1718 members, is meant to help rookie teams in an effort to give them a solid foundation on which to start a team. It contains many sections covering topics such as budgeting, sponsors, mechanical, electrical, business, and fundraising.

Glossary of FIRST Terms
Team 1718 - The Fighting Pi has also composed a Glossary of FIRST Terms to explain many of the terms unique to FIRST. It also explains some of the terms unique to The Fighting Pi such as "KPM". This is especially useful for a non-FIRST member to learn about what many of the domain specific words to FIRST mean.

Business Plan Outline
This document is an outline on what a team business plan should consist of such as Development and Production, Sales and Marketing, Management, Financials, and more. This document was used to create Team 1718's own Business Plan, a Business Plan that has won us numerous Entrepreneurship Awards.

Sponsor Packet
This document is a packet given out to all of our sponsors. It contains information that many non-FIRST members might find important when learning about FIRST such as what FIRST is, statistics about FIRST, and what a FIRST Robotics team does. It also has content about our past seasons and robots, how to get involved, sponsorship benefits and levels, and how to contact our team.

2012 Season Journal
This document is a very detailed journal recording the daily activities, brainstorming, planning, and building of The Fighting Pi's 2012 robot during build season and its performance at its competitions, starting with West Michigan and ending with the World CHampionship in St. Louis.

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