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2013 Michigan State Championship Seminar

C++ programming for FIRST robotics - Omar Zrien, Team 3539.
Learn how to use C++ effectively to create a competitive robot.

Effective mechanical mechanisms for FIRST - Paul Copioli, Team 217.
This session will cover the specific calculations and elements of the design process that lead to making appropriately sized mechanisms. Session will focus on real FRC design examples from common drive train, arm, and mechanisms.

Excel spreadsheet tool

Learn how to scout FRC competitions - Jim Zondag and Isaac Rife, Team 33.
This seminar will explain how to create metrics for scouting and scout effectively at competitions. Pick lists, weighting, and evaluating potential partners will all be included in this seminar.


QFD: Using a quality system to build success into your design - Ron Weber, Team 3641.
QFD will help your team ascertain critical design needs and wants in a measurable manner.


One Good Turn Deserves Another - Chris Hibner, Team 51.
Learn about the dynamics of turning and how to make sure you have a drivetrain that handles smoothly.


The Business of FIRST - Michael Graham, Team 1718.
This presentation will cover different methods to raise funds, and ways to woo sponsors to invest in your team. In addition, we will cover the Chairman's Award and how to maintain outreach programs.


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