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Mechanical Resources

Team 1718's Mechanical History
During the rookie year of Team 1718 in 2006, the mechanical team evaluated the game and determined that traction and pushing force around the platforms would be a key to success. The team designed a tread system that resulted in a 30 pound robot pushing a full grown adult across the floor with ease.

In 2007, the team designed a simple but effective arm system. The arm was able to package by retracting using a pneumatic cylinder. A fully articulated wrist utilized a ball screw for actuation. This allowed the robot to position the inner tubes that year into whatever orientation was required to hang them.

In 2008, the team designed a forklift system. The system originally was designed to use self centering ball bearing rollers and tracks, however the supplier did not deliver the parts. In the last 2 weeks of the season, the team had to redesign the lift system and the resultant system took them to the quarter finals in Detroit and the semi-finals in West Michigan.

The 2009 robot was capable of holding 14-16 balls, picking up from the floor, and had a bearing-transfer supported turrent with a multispeed ball shooter that could adjust the trajectory of the balls as well.

The team designed the 2010 robot to be low profile and fit under the towers while still lifting itself easily in the end game. The robot proved to be incredibly robust, and took the team to their best finish ever as a captain of one of the finalist alliances on Newton Field.

In 2011, the team created an extremely fast minibot and minibot launcher that resulted in numerous awards from the judges and other teams. In addition, the arm design proved both fast and accurate, and took the team to playoff berths in every competition, including the world championships.

Over the years, The Fighting Pi have developed a sizeable amount of resources to help a FIRST team. Some of those resources are included below:

Basic Tool Usage:
- How to use a bench grinder
- How to use a vertical bandsaw

Standard and Metric Fastener Dimensions:
- Standard and Metric Fastener Dimensions
- Tapping and Clearance Hole Info

Complex Tool Usage:
- How to Use a Lathe
- How to Use a Mill
- Broaching Keyways

The age old question: Lexan or Plexiglass?
- Plexiglass vs. Lexan (YouTube video)

FRC Documentation:
- Drive Train Reference
- Gates Belting

Banebots Motor Specifications:
- RS-395
- RS-540
- RS-550
- RS-775

Hitech Servo Specifications:
- Hitech Servo Specifications

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