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Sponsor Benefits

FIRST Robotics provide innumerable opportunities for its student members. Potential sponsors should realize, though, that the benefits to themselves are equally as numerous. These benefits include:

- Identifying and growing the future engineering and technical workforce
- Creating partnerships between corporations and high schools
- Allowing corporations to directly impact student education
- Creating brand/corporate visibility and awareness
- Demonstrating community commitment
- Building community good will
- Building responsible citizens/future customers
- Providing positive media exposure
- Providing abundant networking opportunities
- Provides talent pool for internships and scholarships
- Provides platform for developing training and motivating technical workforce
- Provides opportunities for cross departmental collaboration
- Provides opportunities for cross industry networking
- Enhances critical time management skills
- Fosters creativity and teamwork
- Provides student-run robotics demonstrations for corporate meetings and events

The benefits to the local community should also be considered. FIRST Robotics:

- Inspires a desire for scientific learning
- Teaches fundamental skills in science and technology
- Makes connections between classroom lessons and real-world application
- Provides opportunities for disadvantaged students by developing their technological skills
- Builds bridges between science and all other curriculum
- Encourages middle and high school students to consider careers in science and technology
- Reduces anxiety and fear of science and technology
- Fosters needed mentor and role model relationships
- Links students to the wider community
- Breaks down gender, race and cultural barriers
- Teaches teamwork
- Builds self esteem
- Builds community/ school pride and spirit
- Channels competitive spirit similar to traditional athletic contests
- Teaches creativity and problem solving
- Reveals the glamour and excitement of competition
- Recognizes achievement and contribution at every level

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