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2007 Game

Two alliances, composed of three teams, competed in each match. Teams attempted to pick up and hang inflatable inner tubes. To score points, a robot needed to hang inner tubes on a hexagonal rack in the center of the field called a spider. To gain extra points, a robot needed to hang the inner tubes in horizontal or vertical rows all around the spider. Another way to score extra points was to drive your robot onto an alliance robot's ramps to elevate your robot.

The Fighting Pi's 2007 Robot Specifications:
- Speed: 9 feet per second
- Two segmented pneumatically extendable arm
- Jointed wrist with 160 degree articulation
- Vision system capable of locking on and scoring in autonomous mode.


The Fighting Pi's 2007 Robot Seniors:
Corey (Armada)
Patrick (Richmond)
Daniel (Armada)
Kyle (Richmond)
Eddie (Richmond)

Corey (Capac)
Sarah (Armada)

Matt (Armada)
Bret (Armada)
Chris (Armada)
Cody (Armada)
Kathryn (Richmond)
Cole (Armada)

Chelsea (Capac)
Chris (Richmond)
Kevin (Armada)
Josh (Armada)
Raymond (Richmond)
Tom (Richmond)

Team Captains:
Daniel and Chris


Chrysler Foundation
L & L Products
Armada Lions
Outback Embroidery
Thread Craft Inc.
H & R Tool
Sons of Amvets Post 93
Earl Contracting Company
Barton Malow
DIG Construction Services
Walbridge Aldinger
Warren, Michigan Macomb Academy of Arts and Sciences


Team Ford FIRST Invitational
Macomb Community College
Warren, MI
October 6, 2006

Rank: 11 of 23

Detroit Regional Competition
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
Detroit, Michigan March 15-17, 2007

Rank: 3 of 34

Judges Award for Autonomous Mode
Amazing Autonomous Action Award (33-Killer Bees)
Awesome Autonomous (76-The H.O.T. Team)
Best Autonomous Award (70-More Martians)
Gregory Lau Amazing Auton Award (217-The Thunder Chickens)
Most Awesome Autonomous Award (302-Dragons)

West Michigan Regional Competition
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, Michigan Allendale, MI
March 29-31, 2007

Rank: 1 of 54

Tough Truck Award (68-Truck Town Thunder)

Other Awards
Team Ford FIRST Recognition and Appreciation

FIRST Robotics Macomb Academy of Arts and Sciences The Chrysler Foundation Richmond Rotary Master Pneumatic Ford Motor Company

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